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Linux Automation

Ansible AWX – Taking a simple VMWare Center deployment even further with NetBox.

Is the end nigh for my IP Address spreadsheet? In my last post I mentioned how much I ...


Ansible AWX – Deploying a VM with VMWare VCenter

Ansible AWX for those who have never heard or used it, is a server that simply runs Ansible ...


Ansible Learnings – Week 6 – Automating Docker Deployments – Minecraft Servers!

So I played with docker on the weekend to make my son a MineCraft server because he wanted ...


Network Automation – Ansible Learnings Week 5 – Expanding my foundational Ansible knowledge

Week ending 15/12/19 Well this past week has sure lived up to the normal hectic Christmas from the ...


Ansible Learnings – Week 2

This week as I set about the motions to keep up my learning with Ansible and achieve my ...