Professional Development – Networking – How & where to get started on your journey with with NetDevOps (Networking as code).

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My fellow network engineers, or people who like to do network related tasks as part of their current role. The future is coming slowly but surely, the future is networking as code. There are so many other people who have written so many good papers as to why this is the case and the natural […]

Network Automation – Ansible Learnings Week 5 – Expanding my foundational Ansible knowledge

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Week ending 15/12/19 Well this past week has sure lived up to the normal hectic Christmas from the personal perspective, with all my kids having something and also other family over here visiting for the festive season. After where I got last week, I realised that I need to hit the books, documentation articles, and […]

Network Automation – Ansible Learnings Week 3 – Cisco IOS: Obtaining IP Interfaces and creating Loopback Interface

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Continuing from my last post, I am moving onto creating an interface and network on this interface. For the sake of testing and speed, I am creating a loopback interface with a basic /24 network attached to it. Again this is a very static playbook and the point of this post and this playbook is […]