Ansible AWX – Taking a simple VMWare Center deployment even further with NetBox.

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Is the end nigh for my IP Address spreadsheet? In my last post I mentioned how much I disdained managing IP addresses. Well in this post I am going to show you how I am slowly fighting off the beast that is the IP address management spreadsheet (or whatever you want to call it). The […]

Ansible AWX – Deploying a VM with VMWare VCenter

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Ansible AWX for those who have never heard or used it, is a server that simply runs Ansible playbooks. It is the open source community version of Ansible Tower and sits up stream, think of it like Red Hat’s Fedora. Pretty much AWX can do everything Tower can do. If you wish to find out […]

Network Automation – Ansible Learnings Week 5 – Expanding my foundational Ansible knowledge

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Week ending 15/12/19 Well this past week has sure lived up to the normal hectic Christmas from the personal perspective, with all my kids having something and also other family over here visiting for the festive season. After where I got last week, I realised that I need to hit the books, documentation articles, and […]

Cisco DevNet – Ansible Track

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This week learning Ansible has also in many respects been a week learning some Linux basics, specifically Ubunut Server as the chosen Linux Distro. It has been thoroughly rewarding in developing some basic skills in an OS I had always just considered to be too hard. The Cisco DevNet track has been very good for […]

First Delvings into the mines of Network Automation, thanks to the help of Cisco DevNet…

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Hey guys, Finished last week my first learning track with Cisco DevNet. This track was focussed on getting you started with Network Automation and Programability. This track had a lot to learn and it was a great way to get started, I am looking forward to taking it for with the Ansible learning track. Check […]